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The Center Township Trustee offers assistance to qualified residents who are experiencing financial hardship. The trustee offers assistance in the following areas: SHELTER, UTILITIES, BURIALS, FOOD, FUEL, PRESCRIPTIONS, and MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSE.

To qualify, you must be a permanent resident of Center Township and show need for assistance. The following forms and guidelines are in PDF format and have been made available to view, print, and download.

Interview Form Applicant must bring the form with the information listed for the assistance interview.
Employment Verification Form to determine the applicant's eligibility to receive township aid
Landlord - Tenant Verification Form to verify place of residence and landlord's agreement to accept payment from Center Township Trustee.
Application for Township Assistance (11 pages) Form to apply for Center Township Trustee Assistance. Must be included with Interview Form. Must submit every six (6) months when requesting / receiving assistance.
Application for Additional or Continuing Township Assistance (2 pages) Form to reapply for Center Township Trustee Assistance. Must submit every time when requesting assistance.

Information that must be provided to the Center Township Trustee includes:

ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER OF THE APPLICANT. The applicant can also provide email information if available.

TWO (2) FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION - EACH HOUSEHOLD ADULT: (Social Security Card, Driver's License, Indiana State Identification Card, Resident Alien (green) Card, or other identification of residence.

SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS for all children in the household

FINANCIAL INFORMATION FOR THE HOUSEHOLD. This includes bank and account numbers with balances, investment information for each household member, automobile information for each household member, TOTAL INCOME for the last 30 days from all sources and for all adult household members.

There are other agencies in Center Township that offer assistance (CLICK HERE to access list); however, before applying to any of these agencies, applicants must first contact the Center Township Trustee.


1) Anyone may apply for township assistance. However, everyone applying for aid must complete the township application and attest to the validity of the information given. The township will require an investigation of the household circumstances, which may include a home visit.

2) Township Assistance will be given to qualified households on a temporary basis and was never intended to be an ongoing, local entitlement subsidy.

3) All applicants applying for township assistance will be processed according to written, uniform standards without regard to the applicant's age, race, color, sex, religious creed, national origin, political belief or physical or mental handicap.

4) Able-bodied members of households who receive assistance will be required to participate in the township's workfare program. Workfare hours will equal the value of assistance given and will be worked at the federal minimum wage rate. Failure to comply with the workfare program may result in a denial of future benefits up to six (6) months.

5) Able-bodied adult members of households seeking assistance will also be required to seek full-time employment.

6) Persons who may qualify for other long-term benefit programs will be required to formally apply for such programs and show this office evidence of application.

7) Eligibility for temporary township assistance will be considered by resources and household assets to include: cash on hand; checking and savings accounts; certificates of deposit; stocks; bonds; mutual funds; recreational vehicles; etc..

8) The township will require all households requesting assistance to allow an inspection of their living quarters. The township's investigator shall be allowed access to the household's residence to determine the unit's compliance with minimum standards of health, safety and decency.

9) Determination will be made within 72 business hours of the initial application for assistance. Holidays and weekends excluded.

For additional information, please contact our office Monday - Thursday, 8:00 - 11: 30 am.